We have a wealth of knowledge in the international market place

Fitzpatrick International Exports

We work with brand owners and buyers. Want to know how we can help you?

Our dedicated sales team has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the international market place. We take the hassle out of exporting– doing the big things, like sourcing, and the little things that take a lot of time, like paperwork. We take care of the exporting, leaving you to get on with everything else. Contact us to discuss how best we can help you.


Private Label

Working with some of the world’s largest retailers we’ve been at the heart of many private label developments, to the benefit of both consumer and retailer.


Brand Management

Sophisticated market and brand analysis allows us to advise how best to price and market your products for both distribution and growth within the chosen category.


Product Sourcing

Our main areas of expertise are bakery, confectionery and biscuits. We are dedicated to the needs of the retailer and consumer.


Account Management

Leave all of the account management to us – from concept to distribution and sales monitoring. Feedback helps us hone products and strategies so they best meet the needs of international customers.

What do we offer as a team?