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Serious Sweets

We work with the Serious Sweets team who are full of smart cookies who have decades of experience in the confectionery business, so they know what they are doing when it comes to making great, innovative sweets.

At their Harrogate home they develop our traditional recipes, with a twist, to create confections which will really make you smile. Each mouthful of their fudge, honeycomb, coconut ice, toffees and brittles evoke the sweet charm of childhood, in a delicious new way.

They know that sometimes the old ways are the best, which is why all of their creations are cooled naturally to improve texture. But when it comes to flavour, they enjoy experimenting to produce the finest tasting sweets, which we’re certain you’ll just love.

For more information on both international branded and private label products please contact a member of the Fitzpatrick International team.

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